My Work


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I've been sleeping, eating and breathing computer programming since middle school, and I'm proud to have led a varied, interesting career in tech since the 1990's. 

Having thrived in many different type of companies and environments, the last 15 years I've worked primarily with organizations committed to open source, cloud-based technologies.

I have managed, implemented and supported large scale, web-based systems for IBM, Ogilvy & Mather, the Financial Times, Oracle/Sun, Citibank, and most recently the Digital Education Solutions division of Scholastic. In 2018 I led the successful redesign and re-release of BookFlix, Scholastic’s most popular children’s literacy application used by hundreds of thousands of reading learners every day.

I was also a major contributor to the operations of Freeverse Software (1994-2012), a pioneering AI-based mobile gaming company.